About Us

About Us


Quality Assurance


 We  test our breeding stock. In our  thirty years of shelties, we have never seen a case of blindness in a  juvenile or adult sheltie.  Sometimes the elderly develop cataracts.  We Do not inbreed . 99% of breeders breed relatives yes AKC breeders. This double s up on genetic defects and decreases lifespan.  Bad thyroid s are preventable yet prevalent in shelties because breeders dont test or test current levels.  We test for lifetime thyroid and do not breed hypothyroidism in any dogs. We study canine longevity and nutrition.  Our dogs love 15 plus years.  

 We use the University of Michigan endocrine center for our thyroid testing as they are they only facility that can test current and future thyroid  function. We also test for ofa hips at two years of age. We repeat this testing on some of our  middle aged adults.   

We don't breed blue merle to blue merle as these pups are the all white including the head  vision and hearing defective dogs. 

We never use a new line until they are tested. We keep more adults, especially males than some facilities as we prefer their temperament and we only out cross so we need lots of different bloodlines. I also keep most of my older breeding stock once they are retired and spayed or neutered. Occasionally we have adults available.   

Customer Support


We take great pride in our shelties and we take pride in our customer service record.  Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns.

Email: susanedsley@yahoo.com

Phone: (330) 222-1050