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  1. A long, long time ago (like two years now)I finally had had enough of not having a dog anymore. I always had a dog, from my earliest years. Austin (my first sheltie,) my most loyal and trusting friend ever who never left my side, finally had to give in to his old age. My heart was broken. It still is. I will never get over losing that dog. I still tear up when I see his picture. In fact, I’m tearing up now.

    After much sole-searching, I finally came to the realization that life does not go on forever, for people or for animals. You just enjoy the time you have with them and know that life will never last forever for anyone or anything. Just enjoy the happiness while it lasts. Remember the happiness when it ends.

    After Austin, a sheltie was the only dog I would ever own. That I knew for a fact. But, I had to fine one. So, I found this woman named Sue on Google. http://WWW.SUESSHELTIES.COM. And, on her site was an odd looking sheltie. He had a blue eye, and they still called him a sheltie. Confused I was. I always thought they were all sable and white; that they were all supposed to look like Lassie. Did I ever get an education!

    That weird looking furball in his black, white and brown, with one blue eye, became my Leroy. I knew when I saw his picture he was my dog. And, although my Dad sort of claimed him for himself, Leroy is still my dog.

    Then something even stranger happened. Leroy was so loved and adored, on a visit back to “Sheltieland” to visit Sue and the gang, another weirld looking furball in HER black, white and brown with 1 1/2 blue eyes left with us. So then there were two. Her name is Ziva. Who knew that you couldn’t stop at having just one?

    So, then my picture taking hobby took over. Now I stop at Sue’s every other weekend or so to get pictures of the new puppies – since I can’t have all the puppies – although no one has yet to show me a law that says I can’t have all the puppies.

    People, these are the best dogs ever. This is a first-class operation. The Endsley’s bacame my friends. And, I became their photographer. “I” now have two of her prized shelites that have broken my bank. Dogs are expensive these days. That’s all I can say.

    For the record, we are now two-time “Pet of the Week” champions!

    Shelties are a special breed of dog. They take a special breed of owner. Do your research. But, if a sheltie is what you want, this is where you get your sheltie.

    Oh, and the color variations, there are too many to count. I researched it. It’s like over 100 different color combinations for a sheltie. The Shetland Sheepdog!

    Pictures of my dogs appear out of nowhere. Keep checking the site.

    Here’s to more shelties. And, more pictures of shelties. I’ll be back in the next few weeks for more pictures.

    They’ll never get my camera or my dogs.

  2. I love visiting the site and daydreaming about the day I’ll be able to pick out my own puppy. (The two blue girls are taunting me) We aren’t ready for a fur-baby yet, but when we are Sue’s will be the place I will go! Until then, I visit frequently to smile over the pictures!

  3. I wanted to add my comment about Sue and her Shelties. I am the proud owner of a tri black male named Rosco. I have only had Rosco for a few short weeks but he is quickly blossoming into a wonderful pet. Much of the credit for that goes to Sue and her family for the countless hours they spend socializing each and every puppy. Their temperments are terrific! I was amazed on my first trip to Sues to pick out our puppy that the mother of the pups willingly allowed us to reach into her pen and pick up her 2 week old babies! She was not aggressive or upset at all. I met a few of the adult dogs. Every one of them was friendly , self assured, and calm. I had a wonderful Sheltie from another breeder that passed away recently. She was very loving but her temperment was the polar opposite of Rosco. She was always timid and fearful of noises, some people, storms. Her tail was always down and she was sometimes skittish. She was a one person dog. Rosco loves EVERYBODY! I feel that Sue puts her heart and soul into every puppy she breeds. Just ask her about Tinkerbelle! Sue is always there, ready and willing to educate you about the breed. She tests all of her dogs before breeding to insure the best possible healthy pups. I have to say that I am a satisfied customer!

  4. I purchased my first Sheltie from Sue, 14 years ago. She was a Sable and White beauty! We named her Sierra. She has been the best dog, companion, kid herder ever!! She recently became sick and had since passed away. I miss her terribly and will always! I’m not ready to love another puppy just yet, but when I am, I’m going to Sue! She has the best breed and I trust her whole heartily with every pup and adult shelite she has. My kids are now grown, my daughter is getting married and my son is leaving for the Air Force. My house will soon be too quiet and that’s when I’ll have to fill it once more with puppy love!

  5. My love affair with Shelties started 27 years ago when I got my first Sheltie. Not knowing much about the breed, I found one in the mall pet store. (I think she was from a puppy mill) Twelve years later she passed away and I went right out and got another Sheltie; this time from a show breeder. I got a little female. Not wanting her to be alone, I went back to that breeder and got a male. Most males and females don’t play as well together, but they got along ok. Years later, my male passed away at 11 1\2 and my female passed at 13. Both had bladder cancer. I told myself that I was going to do my homework this time and find a very good breeder. After searching around, I found Sue’s website. I made the call. She knows everything about Shelties and how to care for them. She has researched about the best food to give them, the water (RO) they should have, the shots they really need, and the heartworm preventive they should have. I told her about my recent losses. She told me about a litter that was due soon. I also told her about my two ( male/female) and how they didn’t like to play together. She said if you want them play alot, get two males. I picked out a male from the Smokey/ Rocky litter. My husband and I decided to make the 5 1\2 hour drive just to see him (Timber) and to see Sue and all her beautiful Shelties. We had one of the best times of our lives. Four weeks later, we made the drive again, this time to bring our darling Timber home. I told Sue that I wanted a playmate for Timber, so three months later we went back to Sue’s and got a tiny male (Ranger) from the Snowflake\Sonny litter. Timber and Ranger are 3 months apart. That’s been 2 1\2 years ago. Sue told us if we wanted them to play and become good buddies, get two males. And boy do they ever play together. We don’t even need TV any more. They have so much fun. It’s really important to have two. They live longer and happier lives. I’m so glad to have found Sue. She has taught me about better care for my boys and has answered any questions that I have had. I am starting out this time, with better well bred Shelties and with the knowledge of how to care for them. If anyone wants a healthy well bred Sheltie, make the call to my good friend Sue. It’s well worth it !

  6. Last year I lost one of my beloved Shelties.  My second dog had lived her entire life with this companion, and we were both heart-broken.  Later in the fall, I began the search for a puppy.  

    Luckily, I found Sue and her healthy, beautiful Shelties.  Sue’s knowledge of dogs, dog health, dog behavior, breeding, genetics, her integrity, and the care she takes of her dogs is mind-boggling. 

    I’ve owned many Shelties, and known many breeders.  Sue (and her dogs) are the best I have found.  From the first time we talked, she has been helpful and generous sharing her time and knowledge, and has listened to all my stories about all my other dogs too.

    My luck continued and I was able to buy a lovely puppy from her.  Everyone who has met this puppy has nothing but praise for her lovely temperament (a combination of Sue’s breeding program plus the incredible start and socialization she gives her puppies).  Best of all, my other dog is happy and playful in a way she hasn’t been for a long time.

    After all this, Sue feels like family!  I cannot thank her enough, and hope to someday get another puppy from her.

    Linda, Gypsy & puppy Echo

  7. When I first spoke with Sue, I was trying to help my adult daughter find a Sheltie. My wife had Shelties since we were young. We recently had lost the two Shelties, just 45 days apart. It was incredibly hard on my wife. In fact, she gave serious thought to not having another dog–because the loss was so hard. The loss was what led my daughter to seek out a Sheltie.

    Sue had a litter that had the same birthday as my daughter. I called Sue and confirmed the puppies were available. Sue had questions for me. What brand of dog food did we feed them? What type of water did we have? Were the dogs line bred? Sue might have had an opinion or two. If I am candid, in the first call I laughed and also thought there was a possibility Sue was a little crazy.

    My daughter fell in love with a photo of a black and white female that was “supercute.” She visited the puppies over the weekend, and put a deposit down on the puppy we now know as Kieva. I had business in Cleveland and stopped by to meet Sue in person and take some photos of Kieva for my daughter. Sue let me stay for a couple hours and showed me the parents and let me get my fill of Shelties. Before I left I said “I need a dog.”

    Kieva won our hearts. She was smart, loving, and athletic. When I would visit it was clear she remembered me and made sure to let me know I was important to her. Kieva broke the ice, my wife and I came to the conclusion that that our house was a little weird without a dog.

    We asked Sue to put us on the list. Sue asked us what we loved about the breed, what we would want to do with the dog and what we wanted in a dog. She had a feeling that an upcoming planned litter would be the best fit. We told Sue we wanted a male Bi-Black Sheltie with a full collar–preferably on the small side. She said “Well, you don’t ask for much.”

    What I once thought was “a little crazy” was actually passion. Passion for the breed. Passion for the dogs she bred. Making sure the owner was responsible and serious about dog ownership. Committed to the dogs she bred to the point of taking a dog back that had been neutered–feeding the dog, nurturing it, inviting it into the pack and making certain it had a great life. I do not know of any other breeder who would do that. Sue does everything within her power to save the runts. When I learned of her commitment level to these puppies, it blew me away. When I got to see Echo, one of the incredible dogs Sue saved–half the size and 110% Sheltie–I said “If this puppy is available, I would like to excuse myself and plead with my wife to allow me to buy this puppy.” Sue said “She was the first in the litter to be sold. Sue has my respect.

    It seemed forever that we waited till Opal was confirmed pregnant and then waited till the puppies were born. The one color combination I said I would not want was a Tri-color. They just never resonated with me–until I saw a one day old Tri puppy from the litter we waited so long to see. He was stunning, but I could not explain why I was drawn to him. He was potentially taken, but the person who was ahead of us decided to pass. At that moment, he became one of us.

    Sue kept us up to date with photos. When we came to visit at about five weeks old, I let my wife hold him first. It was a moment I think I will always remember, she melted.

    We named the dog we love Chaos. We said we needed a little Chaos in our lives. He has been nothing short of exceptional. He learned to sit on command on the stops we made from Ohio to Michigan. By nine weeks old, he would respond to the command “Chaos Come!” from 100 feet away. Pretty much potty trained by day 4 in our house. He welcomes every one he meets. He has a big personality–seemingly a sense of humor, and I am proud to say he failed his canine citizen test for being too friendly. Far from shy, he is full of life, loves people and is perhaps the happiest dog I have ever met. Chaos is my bud.

    We are beyond happy with Chaos, I once thought I would never have another dog, and I feel incredibly lucky to have Chaos in my life.

    What Sue does, and what Sue asks you to do is out of love for the breed and the best interest of the dog. If the wait is long, wait. If you are required to get a reverse osmosis system in order to purchase a puppy, do it. You will be rewarded with a Shetland Sheepdog that is the result of decades of selection and planning with the specific intent of exceptional personality and a long healthy life.

    Sue not only has my respect, she has my gratitude.

    Ken Sunden

  8. My husband and I are huge fans of Shelties and were browsing the internet for a Breeder who has a passion for preventative health in dogs. Sue’s Shelties website sparked my interest for the following reasons.
    I am a RN, BSN nurse, and very intrigued by research based upon evidence based practice in nursing. Upon reading about Sue’s Shelties, I became extremely interested due to the fact that this is exactly what Sue had been practicing in her 30yrs of breeding shelties. She has documented research on vaccinations, some of which are unnecessary and are killing our pets. She has skillfully used this research on her own breeding of shelties, with positive results. She is the only vet that I have found that takes her puppies to the Vet to have their thyroid checked and if the thyroid results are negative, she does not stop there, but has blood drawn at Michigan Laboratories where they perform further testing for possible future thyroid issues in the puppies. Only then, will she use the breed for further breeding of Shelties. Thorough pedigree research is also done with regard to hip dysplasia in shelties, will not breed if this prevalent in the breed. Diet and water is also of importance to her breeds of puppies. She has also done her own research on the foods we feed our dogs, which cause various illnesses for our pets, including the water they drink.
    I recently brought home a 9 week old puppy. We drove 13hrs to Ohio from Memphis, TN, to pick up our Sheltie. She is only been here 3 days and the puppy is already crate trained, she will seek out her crate by herself when she needs to take a nap. The 3rd day she has already gone to the front door and whines when she needs to go out. She is not shy, very playful and loves people. Her temperament is the best we have ever had in any Sheltie. We took her to the Hospital where I work after her second day with us on my day off, the nurses just raved over her, and still are asking about her. She was not nervous or restless as she was passed from person to person to get hugs. She was relaxed and very affectionate with all the nurses.
    As we all know, we are what we eat, and can keep healthy when we are consciences about what we put into our bodies and so is Sue with her fury animals. I am so impressed and wish I could purchase another one, but cannot afford it financially at this time. As long as Sue is breeding we will get another Sheltie from Sue’s Shelties. If you are seeking a healthy breed and follow her regime of health for your pet, they will live a long healthy life, guaranteed. This has been proven by her time and time again with her Shelties. She will make this entire document available to you upon purchase of one of her puppies. Do yourself a favor and read her website, you will be impressed if your are concerned about your pet’s health and longevity.

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